City Dwellers Visit the Country

(Jewish Folktale)

Two city dwellers decided to visit the country for the first time in their lives. Upon arriving there, they noticed a man plowing land, and they said to each other, “Why is he just turning land like that for no reason?” Then they saw someone planting grains, and they remarked, “This guy must be insane. He’s taking food and burying it!” Eventually, one said to the other, “This place is crazy. I’m leaving.” The other replied, “Well. I don’t know. Maybe it is crazy. But I’m gonna hang around here for another week, and get a better sense of how they do things.”

So the first man left and the second man stayed. As days passed, the man who stayed noticed that vegetables were sprouting. He contacted the other man, who traveled back, and learned that what looks crazy to a city dweller might be very sensible outside of the city.

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